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Learning more about the TOEFL and IELTS: a WebQuest for EFL learners

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Brainstorming Sheet 2

Okay, now that you’ve seen both tests, give your opinion about them: 

     Do they seem like good indicators of a person’s language ability? 

     Do they seem fair? 

     Do you think a high score on these tests really means a person’s English is good, or that a low score means that their English is bad? 

     Do you think you would do well on these tests?

     What do you like or dislike about these two tests?


Now compare these two tests.  You see that they are very different from one another, yet both are claimed to be reliable, valid, standardized language tests.  Is that possible, in your opinion?  Why or why not?  Think about the following questions:


     What merits/demerits are common to both?

     What merits/demerits does one have that the other doesn’t? 

     Which parts of the TOEFL did you prefer, and which parts of the IELTS, and why?

     Are there any language skills or subskills which you feel have not received sufficient attention in one or both of these tests?


When you have finished, click here to return to the Introduction page, or here to move on to the Quest/Task.


GSL520: Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Instructor: Christine Bauer-Ramazani

Saint Michael's College